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(Student Art Spaces)

SAS Canada

a youth-led collective advocating for art equity through community projects and exhibitons
based in T’karonto/Toronto and the GTA 
funded by Artreach and the Toronto Arts Council 

Student Art Spaces’ 2021 Exhibition Fellowship is a program designed around educating a group of 10 racialized, low-income and immigrant/newcomer highschool students in Toronto and the GTA in project curation, networking and organizing within the Canadian art scene. The program will equip youth with the skills they need to network as creatives, to get accepted into art opportunities, and to organize their own projects as established artists. Participants will learn from gallery directors, fine artists, illustrators and community organizers around three themes which will lead up to the final showcase exhibition, organized by program youth. 

Register to attend the third workshop from the fellowship, “Community Work and the Arts,” here. 

The program is open to all highschool student artists* in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area who identify as racialized (Black, Indigenous or a person of colour), low-income or a newcomer to Canada.   

*by artist, we mean any individual who works in a creative medium to make art. We’re especially looking to support visual artists, (ie. folks who work with sketching, painting, photography or illustration) but the project is open to ALL types of artists. 

︎ @sas.canada 

VIBE Arts Toronto is SAS Canada’s legal trustee